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The United Bowhunters of Illinois was founded in 1995 to represent the interests of Illinois bowhunters while promoting outdoor ethics and values.  We are an organization founded on the principle that “more does not necessarily mean better.”  In building the UBI, the founders felt that in order to have credibility with the IDNR, other hunting groups, and the non-hunting public it would be necessary to maintain a high level of quality within the membership.  We look for members that are willing to get involved to protect and promote bowhunting in Illinois.

The UBI was not established to be a large state bowhunting organization, just a very active and dedicated one.  Our selective membership policy allows us to add members whose bowhunting philosophies and goals are consistent with the organization's.

Purpose of the United Bowhunters of Illinois

To promote the wise and safe use of our natural resources, the conservation of wild game, and the preservation of its natural habitat.

To prevent cruelty to animals by encouraging and promoting the taking of wild game in a fair, humane, and ethical manner using the bow and arrow.

To establish, promote, assist, contribute to and otherwise encourage the study of conservation, restoration and management of wild game and their habitat.


Objectives of the United Bowhunters of Illinois

To promote and maintain fellowship among people who have a primary interest in maintaining ethics and sportsmanship in the field of bowhunting. 

To share with others the knowledge, skills and experiences gained through bowhunting.

To practice and promote safety, sportsmanship and ethical behavior in the art of bowhunting.

To work with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to achieve the purposes and objectives of the Corporation.

To promote the heritage and traditions of bowhunting.


Members Note: Please Keep your membership contact information current. This will help deliver your newsletter, banquet information and election ballots in a timely manner.

To update your information, email - ubimembershipsec@hotmail.com